Solar and Wind Energy Products

ELIT G Ongrid Solar Inverter


  • 3 Phases AC Grid Connection
  • Three levels IGBT Technology
  • Transformerless Construction
  • High efficiency
  • Built in MPPT module
  • DSP Control
  • Graphic LCD Panel
  • Easy to use
  • Remote Control with SNMP (optional)

Product Introduction

ELIT G solar inverter gets the energy from the PV panel and injects it to the grid. ELIT G has three levels IGBT technology inside therefore its efficiency is very high with respect to conventional solar inverters. Not only is nominal power, even if low power, its efficiency is very high. Beside the three levels technology, it has DSP (digital signal processor) technology. Thanks to DSP all the controls of the inverter are made by software. On the other hand, inverter has graphic LCD at front panel to display all the necessary information to the user including current, voltage, etc. Because of MPPT feature of the inverters, the maximum powers of the PV panels are tracked in every condition.